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Open Letter to Jen Yates

Dear Jen,

I've been reading Cake Wrecks for over three years and EPBOT since you started it, checking my Google Reader feed every day in anticipation and even forcing my husband to look at your posts from time to time.  So I thought it was about time that I wrote you a thank-you note for all the humor and joy you've brought me.  I like to think that if I still lived in Florida, and was living in Orlando instead of Sarasota where I grew up, we could be friends; we have many shared interests (which explains my continued interest in your writing, and especially in EPBOT, which I prefer by far), we both enjoy cake and craft projects, and we both subject our husbands to undue amounts of stress (hi, Justin!).

What you do, however, that I only wish I could, is make it your mission to share your interests and sense of humor with the world in a way that's always affirming, supportive, and makes the rest of us readers feel like we're part of a network of awesome people - like w…