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Pumpkin Pie At Last!

A mere 4 months after the pumpkin roasting/pureeing/freezing of the previous post, I present to you, (only slightly burnt and disfigured) pumpkin pie! The burning and disfiguring is entirely my own fault - I stupidly placed the pie on a cookie sheet before putting it in the oven, instead of putting the cookie sheet on the rack below, which caused the cookie sheet to warp as it heated, which twisted the pie, causing it to spill... etc. Duly noted not to do that again.

My pureeing could also use some work, it turns out. The pie turned out very pumpkin-y, as expected from using fresh/frozen pumpkin, but slightly chewy because of the pumpkin pieces still in it. Oh well - a real blender is on its way to help with this problem! Special thanks to Dad for his modified recipe.

Meanwhile, it's spring break, hence the flurry of posts. And it's actually starting to feel like spring around here; the high today was 68, and my tree is in bloom! Let's hope it keeps it up! Last we…

Mid-Semester Update

(Note: I started this post in November - and apparently didn't finish it, then forgot about it. It's now the middle of the following semester, but I thought I'd go ahead and post it anyway!)

Hello all,

I will soon stop apologizing for not posting regularly, because I realize that I will never be a regular post-er. So without further ado, here are some of the things I've been working on here in my first semester of architecture school.

We begin, of course, with food! Now that I'm in grad school, my primary recreational activity is cooking for myself. Not that I have much time - I probably only cook once or twice a week. When I do, this is what I like to make: chili! We begin with ingredients... and then the final product. Very tasty.

I also decided to try my hand at pumpkin pie, which meant I saved my Halloween pumpkin, roasted it (and the seeds), and pureed it in tiny batches in my tiny food processor. Then froze it. Eventually I'll make a pie! Next t…