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Exhibition Reviews: Wendy, Doktor A, Columbus, and more

This fall, I've been trying my best to make it around to more NYC shows and events.  Here are my thoughts on a few of them (more photos available here):

MoMA's PS1 Young Architect's Program (YAP): Wendy
The Young Architect's Program competition provides the chance for a "young" architecture firm to produce an installation at MoMA PS1 in Long Island City, Queens, for the summer, to provide the site for multiple "Warm Up" concert events.  This year's firm was HWKN, and their creation, "Wendy," was a giant blue stylized explosion, intended to do something about cleaning air and water.  What it didn't do very effectively, in my view, was provide anything other than visual appeal.  There was hardly room to stand under/near it, no one was allowed inside (although off-limits stairs leading up into its interior indicated that there was space inside), and it was really too far from the stage to do more than serve as a piece of eye candy.  …