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ARE We Done Yet? - Yes.

I knew this day would come eventually...  And last Thursday was it:  the day I finally finished the ARE.  NCARB even sent me a congratulatory e-mail!  My official test time:  March 15, 2014 to March 21, 2015 (date of my first and last exams).  Just over one year to complete.

And now I've started thinking about what the new exam will be like for everyone beginning testing now.

In reading about the exam transition to ARE 5.0, it appears to me (and I am not in any way involved with the new exam design, so this is just based on the information that NCARB has made public) that the new exam will be significantly easier.  The new exam will be in 6 sections, instead of 7, which by itself, means little.  What indicates to me that the new sections will be easier is that 3 of the current 7 exams grant you credit for 4 of the new exams, while the remaining 4 current exams (which includes the three most difficult ones, in my opinion) are consolidated into two new exams.  I can't imagine t…