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Favorite GSAPP Classes

As I finish my last day of classes ever (I can hardly believe it!), I've been thinking about what have been my most valuable and/or memorable classes here at GSAPP.  They might be a bit surprising.  Here they are in no particular order, but divided into theory-based classes and technology-based classes.


Philosophy of Technology with Bob Silman (Robert Silman Associates):  Bob is both a real structural engineer and a real philosopher, having had John Rawls as a teacher and having run a structural engineering practice for decades.  Although this philosophy class seemed to rest a bit uneasily within the context of GSAPP, drew a number of students from outside the school, and had to accommodate many students who had no prior philosophy coursework, I really appreciated this chance to think through some of the philosophical background to and implications of technology as used in architecture.  The kinds of arguments we discussed are going on implicitly (and sometimes exp…