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Biking to Work

I don't like biking to work.  I don't like it much at all.  I arrive at my destination grumpy and sweaty, having fought traffic and other cyclists, the cold, the wind, and my own fatigue the entire way.  Now that it's nearly December, it gets dark early and my 6pm commute takes place after dark.  And perhaps worst of all, I can't listen to music while I ride or do anything except concentrate on the task at hand, for fear of distraction leading to injury.

This part of California should be ideal for biking.  I live in an area with strong aspirations to be a bike-friendly place.  The weather is rarely too hot or too cold for outdoor activities, and it hardly ever rains.  There are plenty of bike lanes, and even a pedestrian- and bike-only bridge that allows me to get across a creek without having to take major roads.  It's flat, unlike San Francisco.  And lots of other people bike, so it generally feels safe on the roads.

I like to make excuses: I don't have the …